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Response to Cargo Cult CSS

As I do most days, I started reading articles/blog posts in relation to web development/design. I came across an article via twitter, which is a great source of articles, that caught my eye. Cargo Cult CSS, the title alone piqued my interest, and I love articles that “rock the boat”. I was reading through the first section on “semantics”, and by the end I was uneasy about the article. I continued onto the next section, Maintainability. Awesome, I’ve given a talk a couple times that focuses on CSS maintainability. The author mentions the use of CSS pre-processor mixins, which is great. Then I reached this comment: “div.breaking, and the markup is as loosely-coupled as it can possibly be”. Ummm, loosely coupled? I could already see where this article was heading, but I continued anyways. Once I came to the code example where the selector “ul.members li a” was recommneded over a single class, I knew it was time to write a response blog posting.

CSS Zen Garden: Empowering and Crippling Developers

I’ve been slowly but surely, don’t call me shirly, breaking down my presentation, Building a CSS Foundation, into small blog postings. In the beginning of the presentation I talk about CSS Zen Garden. This site emits a lot of nostalgia for many developers. I hold that this site is what pushed developers to really harness the power of CSS, when it was still a relative unknown.

It seemed almost fitting I should lead with this blog post on the 10 year anniversary of CSS Zen Garden. I’m going to say something that may upset a few developers, but I feel it needs to be said. The CSS Zen Garden, with all its good, has helped breed some of our worst habits.

Modular CSS: Separating Concerns

I’ve been attending/speaking at Open West Conference, which has been a great experience so far. After my talk yesterday, I lead a group on Modular CSS during the conference’s “Birds of a Feather” time. I really enjoyed the interaction and time spent with everyone who attended. I think I’m a big fan of more interactive/collaborative talks.

Now this brings me to the topic of this post, Separating Concerns. Modular CSS has been the new hotness for the past year in the CSS community, and if you’ve read Jonathan Snook’s book, SMACSS, you would understand why. I wanted to take the time and talk through a section from my presentation “Building a CSS Foundation”.

Moving to Octopress

After many years running my blog on wordpress, I have finally decided to move away. Constantly having to deal with people trying to attack my blog, for what reason is beyond me.

The plan is to have my blog up and in coming months with a new theme. I’m hoping that by using octopress I will be more inclined/excited to start blogging again. For the few, maybe none, following my blog…change is a coming!